Desert Island Discs

BBC Radio 4
Producer: Cathy Drysdale

The Royal Ballet, where she was a principal dancer for almost two decades owes a debt of gratitude to the Janice Sutton School of Dance in Skegness. It was there, aged seven, two floors above a fish and chip shop and a row of amusements arcades – and having practiced ‘good toes, bad toes’ – that she knew precisely what she wanted to do with her life.

After many years of success at the top of her profession, she said goodbye to her childhood dream and jetéd into her life's next act – for a time serving as Creative Director of The Royal Opera House and more recently working far beyond Covent Garden promoting creativity and cultural partnerships across Britain.

She says 'I always thought I'd feel a passionate sense of loss when I stopped dancing. What was absolutely wonderful was, as the volume turned up on the new career, the volume turned down on the old one.'